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Shop Catalog - Brakes
Whether your vehicle is stock or fully built, you need good brakes to stop. XLR8 stocks a slew of parts to keep your brakes performing well, including big brake kits, drilled and slotted...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Drivetrain
Your drivetrain is responsible for transferring your engines horsepower to usable power at the wheels. Items like axles, limited slip differentials, driveshafts, flywheels, clutch kits,...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Engine
From valve cover to oil pan and everything in between XLR8 has what you need to rebuild your engine, whether it is a built engine, maintenance items or performance upgrades. In this...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Exhaust
The key to matching your performance with bark to back it up is your exhaust system. Whether you’re after the sound or helping your engine breathe better, we offer a full suite of...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Exterior & Interior
Whether you’re aiming to accessorize the styling of your vehicle’s exterior or to add function to the interior, we have you covered from comfort to street performance to race related....More Details »
Shop Catalog - Forced Induction
Looking to force more air into your engine? You can do so here by browsing from an array of turbocharged and supercharged related goodies such as factory frame turbocharger upgrades, big...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Intake
Looking to let your engine breathe better or enhance the sound of your naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged engine? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you want the...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Software & Electronics
Looking for performance software to increase boost, dial in fueling, and ultimately add horsepower? We have that. We can flash software via the OBD port, a bench flash or even with a...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Suspension & Wheels
All things related to suspension function and form can be found in this category. Track junky, daily driver, weekend warrior, drift master, air suspension master? We have parts for you,...More Details »
Shop Catalog - Tools & Gear
Do you like to get greasy and turn wrenches after work or on the weekend because cars are your addiction? But are you struggling to find the right tool to complete the job like a pro? We...More Details »

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Price: $100.00

Item #: XLR8-25
Condition: New
Price: $25.00

Price: $250.00

Price: $50.00

Price: $500.00

Description: 034Motorsport’s Silicone Throttle Body Inlet Hose allows you to retain the factory airbox when upgrading your B8 Audi Q5/SQ5 3.0 TFSI to the 74mm Porsche 997 / 911 Throttle Body. In...More Details »
Item #: 034-112-6018
Condition: New
Price: $111.00

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Description: Leaving no detail untouched, we've added APR Valve Stem Caps to the lineup! Sold as a set of 4 aluminum caps, each has an APR logo engraved on the face, which some believe may add horsepower*. Choose from silver or gunmetal.
Item #: MS100178~30
Condition: New
Price: $7.99

Description: Five-cylinder fury. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the Audi 8V RS 3
Item #: 3025-33030~146;147
Condition: New

Description: Five-cylinder fury. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the Audi 8V RS 3
Item #: 3020-33056
Condition: New
Price: $2,100.00
Sale: $1,995.00
Save: 5%
Save: $105.00

Description: Break the mold with AirGate™. Designed, engineered, and tested in-house at AWE Intoxicating turbo spool when under boost with lid off, stealthy with lid on Available with or...More Details »
Item #: 2660-15028~31
Condition: New
Price: $946.32
Sale: $899.00
Save: 5%
Save: $47.32
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Description: IE Catted Downpipe for EA888 Gen 3 2.0T TSI Jetta and GLI engines
Item #: IEEXCC6
Condition: New
Price: $579.99

Peloquin - O2JB Differential
No Image Available
Description: Our differential comes with 2 – bearings, Special ARP bolt kit, speedo gear, O-rings and gasket. This product is used in the new Golf 4cyl and new 5cyl Jetta cars 2004 and up. This...More Details »
Item #: 02J 498 005B
Condition: New
Price: $992.00

Description: Peloquins is only making the 25 tooth 2009 and later parking brake Dogs on our Differentials.
Item #: 02Q 4/W
Condition: New
Price: $1,234.00

Description: LET HER BREATHE! Offer major flow for your Audi 8V 2.5T RS3 and TTRS engines with the new IE RS3 Cast Turbo Inlet Pipes. This perfect companion to the Incredibly popular IE 2.5T Cold Air...More Details »
Item #: IEINCQ2
Condition: New
Price: $299.99

Description: XLR8 Stainless Steel Brake Line with Black Teflon Coating (DOT Approved)
Item #: BL-TSX0408
Condition: New
Price: $125.00
Sale: $100.00
Save: 20%
Save: $25.00

Items 1-16 of 16