XLR8 x Racingline: Waterfest 2022 and things to look out for

XLR8 x Racingline: Waterfest 2022 and things to look out for

Sep 1st 2022

The peak summer heat is behind us, boost season is right around the corner, and car show season is in full swing. For those in the European aftermarket scene, Waterfest is the pinnacle event of the season and one of the largest modified Euro shows in the world. September 10th and 11th are just a week away and the XLR8 team will be there alongside our good friends at Racingline to partake in the festivities.

It is no secret that Racingline is a brand from “across the pond” that carries with it a heritage of the original Volkswagen Racing Division, and their products are growing to be ever more popular in the VAG scene. With a catalog of products rooted in motorsports and designed to produce an OEM+ feel with stellar performance gains, we are happy to represent them at one of the largest events of the year for our community. We are happy to bring their products to the US market and want more to know about their legacy. While we want to stay away from using the term “entry level”, Racingline makes getting into modifying your ride easier than ever, and with affordable options so that you can ramp up your build at a pace that works with your budget. Looking for a place to start? Here are a few easy mods under $1k to enhance your driving experience.

Lowering Springs & Dampers

Racingline produces a line of Spring and Damper kits, such as the Mk8 GTI kit, which has the ever popular result of removing that ugly wheel gap. What makes these so special is their progressive spring rate. These springs save you the price tag of expensive coilovers and retain an OEM ride quality where other lowering springs create a harsh or bumpy ride. For all platforms these can also be bought individually, however the pair are designed to work hand in hand for an overall improvement from stock. Check out the Mk8 GTI Springs or the Mk7 GTI Dampers by themselves.

Intake Components

Probably the most iconic and recognizable product in the Racingline catalog, their R600 intake system. Designed specifically for the MQB platforms, the Mk7 R600 has been easily adapted to flourish in the gen 4 engine; while fitment has slightly been changed for the engine bay you can check out the Mk8 R600 as well. The R600 is rated for up to 600hp vehicles, quite the feat for any MQB engine, so you can be assured that with this unit it will never become a bottle neck down the road for any of your future plans. These units are designed to work across a variety of platforms and most similar platform Audis as well, so check out the fitment on these units, as they have been successful across the board. If you are looking to personalize it a bit further, there are two options for filters, either a cotton or a tri-foam filter, one is a set and forget, while the other will improve airflow slightly but require some regular upkeep. Beyond that, you can add on a carbon fiber lid to add some flare to the engine bay, you can check out the Carbon Fiber Gloss Lid or the Carbon Fiber Matte Lid to personalize the setup.

Looking for some more under the hood goods? While the R600 provides you with more engine noises coming from the bay, you can also install the Racingline Turbo Muffler Delete to unlock some raw visceral turbo noises and increase throttle response while gaining a bit of power. Combine all of these with a 90° Turbo Inlet and Turbo Inlet Pipe (Available in a variety of colors) and you will never have to touch your intake again. Lastly for someone looking to keep consistency in their engine bay, you can get a Boost Hose Kit to keep all the components under the hood matching throughout.

By no means a be all end all list, we recommend you check out our Racingline Catalog on the site to see what else they have to offer, from chassis upgrades, some of the best catch cans on the market, and OEM+ style wheels that look good on any VAG platform, there is something Racingline that is waiting to be on your ride. If you are attending Waterfest, stop by the Racingline booth, check out our Mk7 Golf R Racingline Stage 1 build, and meet our team who will be happy to be your source for any of these parts and more. We are your US Racingline source and cannot wait to be working with them at one of the biggest events of the year!