What makes Unitronic so special?

What makes Unitronic so special?

Sep 26th 2022

The list of names with their hands in the V.A.G. tuning world is ever growing, but the one thing that newer brands do not carry is the legacy and knowledge that comes from years in the industry. Unitronic is a powerhouse in their field, whose products carry the ingenuity from a motorsports based brand devoted to turning daily drivers into head turning power houses with their ever growing catalog.

While it may not be difficult to get more power out of your Volkswagen or Audi, doing so while retaining OEM reliability, and ensuring the safe delivery of said power, is not as easy of a task. By no means does this make any aspect of the Unitronic motto “tame”. With their extensive knowledge of the platforms, and performance and quality at the forefront of development, Unitronic designs parts and software that they would trust to be installed on their mother’s car.

Unitronic products show a passion for perfection, and a catalog designed with the purpose of each part communicating with the rest, allowing your drivetrain to perform with a symphony of hidden power waiting to be unlocked from the factory.

As one of the very few brands to offer at home tuning options, Unitronic offers a catalog for the hands on enthusiast, looking to do it all themselves. Install your mods, link it with the UniCONNECT+ flashing cable, and swap your tuning files, octane preferences, and more, and unlock all the power you need from the comfort of your garage. With the ability to progressively upgrade your performance at your pace, Unitronic makes it easy for any enthusiast to conveniently build their ride as they go, without interrupting its integrity at any point.

Currently XLR8 is running Unitronic’s Fall sale, from now until October 13th. Get started on your build and score up to 20% off intake systems, turbo inlets, supercharger pulley kits, exhausts, downpipes, and more. On top of that, get deals off all tuning software and make the most of those new mods!

Speak to any enthusiast, and they know the Unitronic name, and the support behind it. They are heavily involved in the community, covering shows across the country to show their hard work and share their knowledge and expertise. Their unrivaled technical support and worldwide dealer network, their care of their craft does not stop once the product has left their warehouse. Satisfaction is part of their recipe, and the experience that comes with a Unitronic equipped vehicle cannot be described. Live the experience and get Unitronic now.