What is an Oil Catch Can, and why do you need one?

What is an Oil Catch Can, and why do you need one?

Nov 9th 2022

With any build, you reach a point where supporting mods are a necessary addition to allow the vehicle to continue functioning in harmony with itself. When looking at performance software, there are traditionally standout bottlenecks that prevent the car from reaching higher levels of power output. Stage 2 software reaches the limits of requiring an upgraded downpipe and intercooler, while stage 3 brings you into the territory of needing upgraded injectors and fuel management. However with any level of added power, gas blow-by increases as the engine pressure increases in the combustion chamber. Due to this, the spent oil needs to go somewhere, and rather than push it back into the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation), it should be safely contained in a catch can. Running an oil catch can is the tried and true solution, preventing excess oil from going where you don’t want, and collecting excess oil vapors and moisture in a convenient place safe from your other moving parts. A catch can can will send clean air back into the manifold versus a mixture of oil and water vapors and clean air. While it is normal for a stock car to expel some amount of vapors, it can result in moisture seeping into places you don’t want, which in turn can result in a shorter lifespan for the powertrain. Especially in the case of uprated or tuned vehicles, this increases the risk of failure and rate of degradation.

While many track driven vehicles run a catch can, it is just as important for a tuned daily driver. It may require a bit of regular upkeep and maintenance, but compared to the alternatives of turbo failure, power loss from carbon buildup, or just general dirty air being used in place of clean air through your intake, it becomes a staple in any build.

Yes, universal catch can kits are available, however they are not always designed to be the best performing for your chassis as they are more of a “catch all” option (pun intended) that is purely designed to do the job. Racingline, a legend in the V.A.G. market is one of the few options for chassis specific, peak performing options. Speak to any well versed MQB owner and the Racingline MQB Catch Can is a product the community lives and dies by. The ease of installation and success across the platform is tried and true, especially coming from a company with roots in the original Volkswagen Racing division. This product is essentially what VW would have if they offered it as an option upon purchase, with an OEM look and feel combined with motorsports insight and heritage.

Adding to the Racingline ever growing catalog, they have recently released a new oil management system for the B9 3.0TFSI. This new catch can system is the end all be all solution for B9 S4/S5/SQ5 models. Check out the Racingline B9 Catch Can here and see for yourself how it looks and feels like an OEM add on. With this product on the market it opens up owners of the 3.0TFSI to more comfortably modify their platform, and feel more confident to work out the throttle as they please.

Lastly, we need remind enthusiasts that with colder temperatures approaching, catch can maintenance is ever more important and needs more regular attention to prevent frozen vapor and moisture from entering the powertrain. With the added Racingline Catch Can Drain Kit, it makes the MQB catch can maintenance easier than ever