The First Tune for the Mk8 Golf Platform

The First Tune for the Mk8 Golf Platform

Aug 5th 2022

Who else would be first to the market other than Racingline. The Mk8 golf platform from the GTI to the R models are fresh to the market, and while they share the similar MQB platform as the Mk7, there are a handful of helpful new features included to boost its performance as the next generation of one of the most popular platforms in the world. Volkswagen has made some changes to the ECU in the Mk8 and while they are for the better, it has made traditional tuning on these EA888 gen 4 engines problematic. There is no doubt hidden power is waiting to be unleashed, as is prominent in the Mk7s, and in the meantime Racingline has the solution.

Racingline has released a Power Control Module, or PCM, for these new platforms, and it is an easy install that provides you immediate gains and can be just as easily removed putting you right back where you were at without a trace. Two existing options are available now, one for the earlier 2020+ GTIs which come mounted with the gen 3 Garrett turbo, and the other for the newer Clubsport GTI and R models mounted with the larger Continental turbo.

The best part, all customers who go through a certified Racingline OEM+ dealer such as XLR8 will receive free OEM+ software once it becomes available. So if you are holding back from pulling the trigger until the next best thing, don’t wait. Get the power increase now, and the fully fledged software as soon as it hits the market.

If you still decide you want to wait for the ECU and TCU software, why wait on your supporting mods? The legendary Racingline R600 intake is one of the best on the market and has been tried and tested for years, Mk8 models are available now. Or check out some other available parts for the Mk8 platforms here.

If you have any questions about these options you should contact the team at XLR8 to determine what is right for your ride. Contact us now to learn more about the PCM and other parts available to the Mk8 market today.