MSS Suspension: affordable introduction to upgrading your ride level

MSS Suspension: affordable introduction to upgrading your ride level

Jul 29th 2022

MSS Suspension is based out of the UK and has been a leading developer in affordable, adjustable suspension options across a huge variety of platforms. Lowering springs, coilovers, sport springs, and more are the competition and MSS offers a unique alternative. A partner of Eibach, one of the most respected names in suspension manufacturing, MSS offers a line of options for BMW, Mini Cooper, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, and more; and can best be described as an adjustable lowering spring kit with the comfort of an OEM ride.

MSS Sports Fully Adjustable Kit For Audi A4 / S4 / RS4 / A5 / S5 / RS5 B9 - Version 1

The MSS upgraded springs come in three tiers, Urban (street), Sport, and Track. These are all designed to increase drivability, without sacrificing performance. By utilizing stock dampers the kits are focused on managing load transfer, protecting the chassis from body roll, squatting on a launch, or diving during hard braking, while the dampers retain a comfortable ride that helps absorb road conditions. Think the performance of coilovers, with the comfort of a softer lowering spring.

A lot of enthusiasts steer clear of lowering springs due to the sagging that can occur over time, and the lack of adjustability. However, MSS kits are a simple wrench turn away from giving you the ability to change your ride height and suspension rate.

MSS Sports Fully Adjustable Kit for Audi TT MK3 - Version 1

Recently MSS changed manufacturing processes and released a new version of their suspension kits, the only difference is a relocation of the adjuster which eliminates the need for a spanner wrench to adjust ride height and more. Beyond that, it is an identical product with identical results. XLR8 has stock of these original kits which carries with it an insane discount from the newer model. You are getting a $1,200 kit for less than half the price.

These won’t be around forever so grab a set now and try them out for yourself, we promise the results will have you pinning the throttle more often with the confidence to do so.

MSS Fully Adjustable Track Pack Kit: VW MK7 - Version 1

MSS kits could best be described as a “modular” suspension option. The front suspension uses linear springs with an adjuster, allowing you to modify your ride height between 0 to -50mm, this is also to increase steering feeling, a more natural responsiveness, and front end comfort.

The rear suspension setup is where the magic happens. Utilizing two springs with a variation of spring rate, married by an adjuster, the rear suspension performs in a variety of circumstances. The relatively low initial spring rate absorbs small bumps in the road, so you can maintain your point of contact with the road, avoid bounces, and maintain a level of daily comfort. The secondary spring enhances handling during cornering, resists sudden movement such as swerving, accelerating, or braking, and provides the utmost control of the vehicle under stress.

MSS kits are designed with the end user in mind, and tested on all applicable platforms before final production, so you are guaranteed to receive a product that is cost effective to you. Their partnering with Eibach and attention to the product they produce is prominent in the feedback. The lifetime warranty means that THEY have the confidence that you will love it through and through. If you need an adjustable suspension setup, and want to reduce your wheel gap while maintaining an OEM drive, MSS is hands down the best option that will have you grinning from ear to ear while you push through the gears.

MSS products come with a lifetime warranty and support. We have a huge selection of inventory in house and ready to ship within one business day.