Audi RS7-R - A 1 of 125 piece of art by ABT

Audi RS7-R - A 1 of 125 piece of art by ABT

Oct 28th 2022

No doubt that here at Excelerate we have had our hands on some incredible builds, but every so often, one comes through the shop that has all of us at full attention. Our most recent endeavor was one for the books, an incredibly rare and special ABT kit for a 2021 Audi RS7. What is already an incredible piece of machinery, a 4 door Mythos Black Metallic example which produces 591 hp and 590 lb-ft from the factory, this RS7 is a thing of dreams, but that is just the starting point.

ABT has one of the most extensive histories in European automotive tuning and aftermarket modification. What started as a blacksmith shop birthed in 1896, to becoming one of the first tuners for the Volkswagen Golf in 1978, their legacy in motorsports and dedication to the V.A.G. market has made them a staple in the market and a recognizable name worldwide. In latter days, they are at the forefront of motorsports and production of the most desirable aftermarket parts for the best Audis on the market. To honor their legacy, ABT occasionally produces very limited run, full package uprated kits, to take some of the best cars money can buy to the next level.

The RS7-R is just that, an extremely limited edition, full uprated kit, designed to completely overhaul 125 stock RS7s into a rare piece of automotive history that belongs on a child's bedroom poster. Beyond extensive body modification, unique badging, and carbon fiber throughout, the drivetrain receives a list of upgrades as well. The result of the added ECU Piggyback and full cat-back exhaust system (to name a few) is a whopping 690 hp and 649 lb-ft of torque. With already impressive stock numbers, the ability to squeeze out an extra 99 hp and 59 lb-ft of torque definitely does not go unnoticed. When paired with the optional coilovers and sports anti-roll bars, the overall experience is completely revamped and bordering a supercar feel.

Revisiting the exterior and interior, hints of exclusive badging and carbon fiber can be found from bumper to bumper, subtly branding the RS7-R with minute details only an enthusiast would notice. Alongside a stock model for comparison however, the result is a more sleek and flared silhouette, complimenting stock lines with hints of motorsports influence. The front end receives the most drastic overhaul, including but not limited to a carbon fiber front grill add-on, canards, an aggressive front lip removing the large stock gap between the road, and rebadging the RS7 with a sleek black ABT badge. This theme continues down the fenders and side skirts, with custom fabricated, functional fender venting, and carbon fiber skirt add-ons to compliment the lower front end and make the profile flow as a whole. Yes, this means taking a drill and saw to the fender of a $100k+ Audi, something most performance shops wouldn't dare take on. This is the same treatment for the rear bumper, cutting and fusing functional vents, a carbon fiber diffuser, extended spoiler, and reworked exhaust ports to facilitate the change from OEM oval tips to the carbon fiber quad tipped ABT exhaust. Finally the rear is badged ABT to unify the look front to back.

Lastly, the interior received some light modifications to complete the entire package, a handful of touches to style that you would never know if you passed it on the road. The door sills are replaced with a backlit “1 of 125” on both the driver and passenger side, as well as an aftermarket Audi branded dash panel with a red “1 of 125” matching the touch of red found on the front lip and rear diffuser RS7-R badge. A final touch of ABT is present on the shifter and start/stop button, reminding you of the beast you are behind the wheel of.

It was truly a pleasure to be a part of this build, between the legacy of ABT, the exclusivity and rarity of the kit, and the build quality of all the parts included. What already was a dream car, this RS7 is taken beyond imagination and the RS7-R that it has become is a ride we are exceptionally proud to put the Excelerate name behind.