A3/S3/RS 3 Adjustable Spring Options

A3/S3/RS 3 Adjustable Spring Options

Nov 9th 2021

Audis make excellent performance cars. Particularly the A3, S3, and RS 3 models. You can always improve your Audi's handling, though. One of the best ways is to upgrade to adjustable performance springs.

If you have an Audi A3, S3, or RS 3, a brand new set of quality adjustable springs may be all it needs for a more spirited driving experience.

What Are Springs?

Springs play a very important role in a vehicle's suspension system. When driving over a bump or an uneven road, your suspension has to let the wheel rise and fall. That's why it has springs. They provide the “absorption” needed to reduce the bounciness caused by bumps on the road. They're designed to counter the forces from hitting bumps to keep your car level by compressing and decompressing. Springs serve a few important purposes:

  • To cut the impact of bumps on the chassis and the rest of the vehicle
  • To keep your vehicle level when turning corners
  • To support the weight of the vehicle and its cargo

A quality set of springs improves handling in all kinds of driving situations. Yet, OEM springs rarely cut it when it comes to performance driving. Most are too soft. Simple lowering springs can result in a harsh ride. That's why adjustable springs are a great upgrade.

What Are Adjustable Springs?

Adjustable performance springs are a type of spring that provides adjustability. You can adjust them to get the perfect ride height. The adjustments can also improve the handling, and really let you dial in the feel of the car. They can give your Audi better handling without sacrificing comfort.

The Benefits Of Upgrading To Adjustable Springs

Adjustable springs are a great upgrade for performance driving. You can adjust them to improve the handling of your Audi without sacrificing ride quality. Adjustable performance springs are considered superior to regular springs. They have quite a few benefits, including:

  • Lower center of gravity
  • Excellent handling on the race track
  • Reduced roll and pitch
  • Adjustable ride height without removing the springs
  • Better ride quality
  • Better control

The Best Adjustable Spring Options On The Market For Audi A3, S3, and RS 3 Cars

For the best performance, look for adjustable springs specifically designed to work with the suspension of Audi models A3, S3, and RS 3. MSS Automotive has developed a unique, patented technology called dual stacked triple rated springs. So what exactly is that?

  • Dual Stacked - This means that there are two springs, with one sitting directly above the other. An adjusting device joins the two springs.
  • Triple Rated - One spring is a dual rate spring. A relatively low initial spring rate absorbs minor bumps in the road. As driving forces increase, the load transfers to a secondary rate that provides secure handling during aggressive or track driving. The second spring is the stiffest. It comes into play during sudden dynamic movements such as hard braking, hard acceleration, or sudden swerving. The stiff rate helps to control the forces caused by more extreme situations.

You may be wondering who MSS Automotive is, as they are a relatively new company. They were founded by William Blankson. He is an auto enthusiast who wanted a better ride and better performance in his car. He partnered with Eibach to develop the dual stacked, triple rated technology. Production of the first Modular Spring Systems began in 2013. Today MSS Automotive products are found in 4 continents.

As the name implies, the spring system is modular. Sometimes the dual rate spring is on the top of the stack instead of the bottom. Some applications will have a single linear spring at one end of the car, and a dual stacked, triple rated setup at the other end of the car. All of the springs are specifically tuned for a particular application.

MSS Track Pack Fully Adjustable Springs

The MSS Track Pack Fully Adjustable Springs is one of the most well-known adjustable spring options on the market today.

MSS developed these adjustable springs on the Audi MagneRide Active suspension. The goal was to provide superior performance on the race track. These springs are so effective that they are used in competition. These are the ideal adjustable springs for both intermediate and advanced track users. They work great for getting to and from the track, as well. You'll be getting the best of both worlds with these bad boys on your Audi. And, installation requires no modifications.

MSS Sports Fully Adjustable Springs

If your Audi is more for performance road driving, then the MSS Sports Fully Adjustable Springs would be perfect for your car.

These adjustable springs work great on the road and the track. They're pretty versatile springs that will:

  • Reduce roll and pitch
  • Allow you to turn sharper
  • Reduce braking distances
  • Reduce squat and dive
  • Allow ride height adjustments of up to 30mm lower, without removing the springs.

Please contact us if you need help finding the right adjustable springs for your Audi.