What makes AWE stand out.

What makes AWE stand out.

May 19th 2022

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There are a lot of names in the aftermarket exhaust world, but not one matches the legacy and versatility of AWE. AWE or Air & Water Enterprises, got their start in 1991 with their roots deep in the euro car community, developing exhaust systems for euro platforms and slowly expanding to almost every platform in the last 10 years.

First to market on a handful of makes and models, their innovation and engineering displays their extensive knowledge in the market, and the product speaks for itself, literally. Precision-engineered performance for Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, McLaren, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Jeep, and Dodge models, with many more on the way. Is your vehicle next?

AWE exhausts come in two forms, Track & Touring, and both are available in cat back and axle back if you are on a budget. Their track models are both lighter and cheaper, and are referred to as their “wake the neighbors” option. For those who are a fan of earth moving cold starts and the beautiful rumble of the engine gurgle when downshifting, this is hands down the option for you. Another way to look at the track model is all the power all the time and is sure to turn heads and leave you with a smile on your face from start to destination on any ride.

The touring options are almost identical to their track counterparts, and you do not have to sacrifice any power gains. Both track and touring offer the same performance benefits, however the touring option makes use of AWE’s patented 180 Technology muffler. Due to this enginuity, you receive the same power, with a more civil package; less drone, but the best sounding option hands down. We are usually one to scoff at a manufacturer's claim of “their own technology” but really, this one is no joke, we have witnessed first hand how it works. Their meticulously designed 180 mufflers contain reflection chambers which harmonize exhaust frequencies on a cruise, but when packed full during hard acceleration or deceleration the frequencies remain unharmorized providing you with the most raw, unfiltered roar you will ever hear from your engine. Check out this video to see how they explain it themselves.

Don’t worry about choosing the wrong kit! AWE offers conversion kits, so if you choose the track option, you can grab a conversion kit for your car that will turn it into the touring package. With almost all kits, the conversion kit is the same as the difference in cost from track to touring, so you really aren’t missing out!

For the true enthusiasts, there is a third option. AWE offers a switchpath exhaust for most newer euro platforms, so if your car has factory valves these kits will work alongside them or with aftermarket AWE remote valves. This one is the end all be all and gives you full control, and if it fits your platform it is hands down the best option from their catalog.

Each exhaust is hand fabricated and built to order with T-304L stainless steel, so be assured you are getting the best of the best. Because of this, each AWE product comes with a fitment and no CEL guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty. Their team of dedicated enthusiasts put the utmost effort into each product, and on the user level, the response shows the effort is worth it.

It doesn’t end there, AWE also produces intercoolers and intakes for a handful of platforms, and those with first hand experience all claim they carry the same stellar craftsmanship seen across all their exhaust systems. For the intakes you can find an S-FLO or AirGate intake that will pair with your ride. The S-FLO is their staple carbon fiber cold air intake, and while visually subtle, makes one hell of a statement. The AirGate however is something a bit special, with a removable lid, you can open up the filter to raw air and provide your engine with easy breathing. Along with that comes a magnificent sound increase from forced induction vehicles, providing you with more of that enthusiast loving “turbo noises”, and when you are ready to tune it back the lid can be reattached with the twist of two bolts.

Lastly, for all the Porsche and Mk5 Supra owners, AWE offers a product that goes beyond performance. Something that has plagued these communities which can be best put as unbearable cabin noise. AWE offers a sleek and extremely affordable solution that can be installed in a parking lot. These diffusers are one of their best sellers and if you have experienced the problem first hand then you will know why. With the weather getting warmer, this is the best way to enjoy a long cruise with your windows down, without blowing your eardrums out in the process.

If you are curious about what AWE offers for your exact platform, whether it be your track car, daily, or tow rig, and can’t find it on our site, check out this page to see if we have what you are looking for. If you can’t find your ride then give us a call and we will be glad to help you get the right part, and as always, at the best price on the market.