Is your car ready for show season?

Is your car ready for show season?

Jul 1st 2022

With all the events happening each weekend throughout the summer, your ride is bound to be seen by other enthusiasts, and there's a good chance you might have neglected your car lately and don't feel ready to show off that engine bay. It's still not too late to grab some parts and boost that confidence. Sure your car looks great just parked, but why not make a statement on arrival with a new catback exhaust, or show off some carbon fiber goodies in the bay that complete the look? Here are a few things you can change in the garage over the weekend so that your ride is ready to shine at the next event, and also performing better than before.

Engine Bay Add-ons

An easy place to start turning your car into something to show off is to spice up that engine bay with some bolt ons. There is an endless variety of mods that can change the look and feel of your ride at an affordable price, and give you the confidence to pop the hood at shows.

Probably the most popular would be a cold air intake system, not only will it drastically change the look of your engine bay by removing obnoxious OEM airboxes, but it will give you more power and alter the sound of your engine under throttle. On top of this, most will come with a carbon fiber heat shielding which will keep your engine’s heat away from the clean air coming into your intake as well as making that bay look much more clean.

There are a handful of other options that can be a cheap option to add some personalization while replacing OEM parts. Aftermarket coil packs are a very common improvement, such as these APR Coil Packs that are a top seller, or the Dinan alternative here for your BMWs. Strut braces are also a nice way to add some color to your bay as well as increase your car’s rigidity under hard steering, like these Dinan options for the newer 340 & 430 models here. Most cars are built to flex under pressure, where a strut brace will support that flex and prevent some of your body roll.

If you are looking to go a step further and often drive your car in the heat, an intercooler is a great step to improve some look to your engine bay and possibly your front end as well. The intercooler’s main job is to keep that air feeding your turbo cool and increase power in the process, and is visible through your front grill, as well as right in front of your engine bay. Certain options like this Dinan option have become a desired look to have an aftermarket name peaking through the grill to both intimidate others and give you some bragging rights.

Exhaust options

If you aren't a "hood open" show person, a great way to increase your presence and make your car stand out is an aftermarket exhaust system. A great way to make your presence known and drastic change to the music your engine makes. There are plenty of options for all makes and models, and each with a unique note. Check out some videos on your engine’s platform and see what is possible, because not only does it make a statement, it will have you stepping on the pedal more often to take in that sweet melody produced by your engine. Obviously the preferred choice is a full catback system, however even an axle back system will create a noticeable difference and have enthusiasts guessing what is done to the car. We highly recommend checking out AWE options as they have something for every platform, but there are so many more out there so don’t stop there.

Wheels & Suspension

Lastly we have to point out the obvious, wheels and suspension. This is most often the first mod for any show attender for many reasons, but mainly for the drastic difference it makes to your rides look. Thousands can be spent on a set of 3-piece wheels and coilovers, however that's not always necessary. There are definitely many options of wheels that won’t break your bank, and while they may not be the flashiest, they look miles ahead of most OEM options and make your car more unique than any other mod. Give us a call to chat with us on some of those options, and pair them with an affordable set of lowering springs(like these Racingline ones here for the MK7 & 7.5 platforms) that won't break your bank and complete a more flush look.

By no means is this an end all list, or a checklist for what you need, just some ideas on how to make you and your ride stand out more in a crowd, and get you on the road to building something truly unique to your community and yourself. For all of us this is a way of expression, and that journey is different for everyone. Check out what we have to offer for your platform and give us a call to take your ride to the next level.